Training & Workshops

Machine Learning (ML) has moved from a mere buzzword to a key ingredient of any forward-looking company. Although it’s clear that ML is the future, it is still a challenge to know how to leverage ML for your particular business. What do the advances in ML mean for your market? How can you make use of them in your products and services?

I will give workshops for you that will bring you up to speed with what really works in ML and how you can make the most of it for business.

Feasibility Study

The applications of ML to improve business are huge, but how do you apply them to your specific product and services? How do you decide which projects to proceed with, because they are feasible with a reasonable amount of effort and which would require years of research?

I will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision by performing a feasibility study of your company and ML projects that will highlight the biggest challenges that you need to overcome and what skills and resources you will require to succeed.

Machine Learning & Software Engineering

It’s challenging to find machine learning engineers that can understand business objectives and product design, while at the same time having solid software engineering skills.

As an experienced Full-Stack ML Engineer, I can support you not only in the development of new models but in the design of system architecture and a technology stack that fits your needs. Building of cloud solutions that enable model training, deployment, and monitoring at scale.

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